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Beaumaris Modern started life as a Facebook page and later an Instagram account. Our purpose? Alerting keen potential purchasers of the mid-century houses available for sale in Beaumaris.

There is now a huge groundswell of interest in these Beaumaris gems. But unfortunately, owners & developers without any knowledge of mid-century design, have demolished many of these beautiful homes, not understanding their long-term value nor potential for sympathetic renovation.

So now, along with alerting people of properties for sale, we are also keen to share information about mid-century architecture. Through celebration and education, we hope to save as many of these properties as we can. And in doing so, bring like-minded people together to share their passion for mid-century architecture.


  • Here is one for a first home buyer or young family wanting a entry level mid century house in Beaumaris! It is on a busy road but set well back and it needs renovating but perfectly livable in the meantime - it could be great!! 140 Reserve Road Beaumaris with Marshall White - Andre O'Brien tel: 0437 917 007
  • Nice! Very nice ... 4 Clonmore Street - classic mid century 50's design renovated sympathetically in the 70's by architect Charles Duncan .... call Michael Cooney tel: 0418325052 @hodgesbeaumaris #midcenturymodern #beaumarismodern
  • Oh this is a really good one (the images on line do the house no favors!)
Great position - well sited and a great MCM house to sympathetically renovate. 11 Sunset Avenue Beaumaris. Call Michael Cooney at Hodges Tel: 0418 325 952 #beaumarismodern  @hodgesbeaumaris #midcenturymodern
  • This is a good one! Great position, interesting 70's style, lots of timber and views! 11 Wellington Avenue Beaumaris - contact Emily Whitehead at Buxtons 0420 997 276


Mid century architecture comes in all forms, here the "El Greco" moderne sits proudly in Richmond.
With such an amazing facade, I could hardly imagine the mid century internal is all I would say..
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Mission Statement

Beaumaris Modern is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to celebrate, educate and promote public awareness of the importance of preserving the mid-century architecture of Beaumaris.