Bayside City Council: Reset for Bayside’s mid-century modern heritage

This web article and community email was published by Bayside City Council on 24 June 2020. 

A municipal-wide heritage study of mid-century architecture will guide Bayside’s approach to heritage protection by documenting all significant buildings from the era so they can be assessed by an independent panel.

The study is part of the revised Heritage Action Plan adopted at last night’s Council meeting, setting out a 15 year program to guide the identification, protection, management and promotion of heritage across the municipality, including:

•    A Mid-Century Modern Heritage Study to commence immediately

•    An Inter-War and Post-War Heritage Study to commence in 2021/22.

The mid-century heritage study will complement the voluntary heritage nomination approach previously adopted by Council which resulted in eight private properties and 11 community buildings submitted to the Minister for Planning for consideration for heritage protection.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Clarke Martin said Council had received subsequent advice from the Minister that the voluntary nomination approach could complement but not replace a more detailed study.

“Heritage protection is a controversial issue in Bayside – particularly in recent years with increasing recognition of the value of mid-century modern architecture,” said Cr Martin.

“In adopting a voluntary nomination approach we sought to balance Council’s role to protect heritage buildings with the desire of property owners to have autonomy over their homes.

Recognising the heritage value of mid-century buildings is a gap in our knowledge and planning. We will therefore immediately commence work on a Mid-Century Modern Heritage Study to assess potentially significant buildings and appropriately recognise their contribution to Bayside’s prized character as it is now,” he said.

The Heritage Action Plan will ensure that potentially significant properties are identified and the appropriate process is undertaken while guaranteeing Council is fulfilling its statutory obligations in relation to the identification and protection of significant buildings and places.

Affected home owners will have opportunity to participate in the process through a planning scheme amendment process including the ability to object to any heritage overlays proposed on their property.

Cr Martin said the Bayside Heritage Action Plan would help to safeguard the municipality’s character for current and future generations.

“Bayside has a rich history that is strongly valued by our local community. Protecting our historic buildings, landscapes, places and objects is important to safeguarding Bayside’s liveability and character. The Bayside Heritage Action Plan will assist us to do this,” Cr Martin said.

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