Modernist Australia: Xmas Wishlist #1 : Beaumaris Modern book

“This lovely and sizeable book is a walk through some of the best residences in the Victorian crucible of MCM talent, and man-o-man what homes!”


“Thoroughly researched and featuring stunning photography, old and new, Beaumaris Modern lovingly presents some of the best examples of architecture that sprung out of those heady postwar years. It also offers insights from owners and fascinating biographical details about architects, from household names to the lesser known but no less important, including David Godsell, Robin Boyd, Ken Atkins and Eric Lyon. Together, the beauty of these houses and the testimony of those who live in them make a compelling argument for the preservation of Beaumaris’ modernist heritage.”

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“Last night I attended the launch of a rather special book, special to us, that is, and special to Melbourne as well.  The book, by Melbourne designer Fiona Austin, is a celebration of modernist architecture in the sandbelt suburb of Beaumaris…”


“Beautifully written and photographed, love the addition of the floorplans and Architect bios, wish I could just keep turning the pages and discovering more beautiful houses!”

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