Case Studies

Beaumaris Modern are intent on recording case studies of mid-century home renewals and extensions to share with members and supporters. We’re always looking for more so please document and share your MCM renovation journey with us by email at

Renovating a Mid-Century Modern house?

We’re often asked by local home owners for advice and recommendations of architects, interior designers, builders and trades.

Our committee decided upon a policy that Beaumaris Modern won’t recommend services and trades, due to conflicts of interest and the potential for negative outcomes should relationships turn sour. However, we want to support local businesses and want the best outcome for all those we share values with. Therefore we’re happy to connect with you as individuals, rather than official BoMo representatives. And you’re welcome to consider our individual suggestions and contacts, as you would consider those from other like-minded neighbours.

Can you still renovate an MCM home with a heritage listing?

There’s a lot of misconceptions that once a home is heritage listed, you can’t extend, update, renovate etc..

The one thing you can’t do is demolish, but there’s plenty you CAN do. Case study #1 and #2 are great examples of extensive renovations/restorations to heritage listed homes (one is mcm, the other is not). And the Heritage Council’s guide is a great reference (see below).

At home with heritage: A considered approach to renovating your house

This extensive guide has been developed by the Heritage Council of Victoria, alongside 12 case studies, to assist homeowners who are renovating or creating a home in a heritage building. It provides inspiration and demonstrates how good design and cultural heritage awareness can support the heritage values of a place while also providing a contemporary liveable home.

The guide provides a practical starting point, explaining the concepts of heritage value and significance, the opportunities and challenges that may be encountered and the design questions that need to be considered along the way. It also provides a brief overview of the heritage processes and procedure in Victoria.

One of the case studies is the Philpot House in Beaumaris, which was featured in our 2018 OPEN event.

Download the brochure

Read more here.

Bayside Council Heritage Documents

Bayside Council have not completed a heritage study nor added significantly to their heritage register in over 20 years. Studies were commenced in 2008 and 2018, but the process was cancelled each time.

Following a campaign by Beaumaris Modern and the National Trust, the Victorian Minister for Planning wrote to Bayside Council in 2019 recommending they undertake heritage studies and processes to update their register. This study is currently underway and we await its release in coming months.

2020 Bayside Heritage Action Plan and previous studies

Heritage consideration when applying for a Planning Permit

Case Study #1: Dutch Gable House, Brighton
Heritage listed renovation

Case Study #2: Johnson House, Beaumaris
Heritage listed renovation

A Dalgetty Pretty
Recent renovation of a modest MCM house