Upcoming Events

Unfortunately, due to Covid, we’ve not been able to schedule any events for some time.

As we’d already put a lot of work into planning, we hoping to pencil in dates soon for 2021, pending certainty of Covid-19 restrictions.

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22 Oct 2020: The Boyds in Bayside (Bayside Seniors Festival)

18 Feb 2020: Palm Spring Modernism Week presentation

29 Nov 2019: Member Christmas Party – Barefoot Bowls

30 Oct 2019: 2nd AGM

20 Oct 2019: Beaumaris OPEN 2019

19 May 2019: Beaumaris Classics by Foot walking tour

9 May 2019:  Design Generation

27 March 2019: BEAUMARIS: Then & Now exhibition launch

14 March 2019: Voluntary Nomination Heritage information night

7 December 2018: A Very Mid-Mod Christmas Party

28 November 2018: Beaumaris Books launch of Beaumaris Modern book

22 November 2018: Official Launch of Beaumaris Modern book

28 October 2018: Inaugural Beaumaris Modern OPEN

16 September 2018: Beaumaris Concourse Car Show

17 August 2018: Inaugural AGM

13 August 2018: Protest outside demolition of 27 Mariemont Avenue

17 May 2018: Let’s Talk MCM Heritage (Australian Heritage Festival event)

25 March 2018: Let’s Go Marimekko (group excursion to Bendigo Art Galery)

7 December 2017: Inaugural A Very Mid-Mod Christmas Party

10 September 2017: Councourse Car Show

17 August 2017: Our inaugural event A Celebration of Beaumaris Mid-Century Architecture