Let's Talk Bayside about protecting mid-century heritage

Some more positive PR in this weeks’ Talking Bayside newsletter (see below), got us thinking we should reiterate to our members what we are all about.

As a passionate community group who love and appreciate the Mid Century architecture and neighbourhood character of Beaumaris, we aim to celebrate, educate and preserve that architecture.

To celebrate, we plan to hold open house events, walking tours and parties (and we hope to put some more faces to names at our Very Mid-Mod Christmas Party on Dec 7th).

We hope to educate via speaking events, historical property information and eventually – a book.

To preserve, we try to help match properties for sale with interested buyers. We liaise with council and object to development applications that are in contrast to the character of our suburb. And we support heritage listing as it’s the only definitive way to stop significant homes from being demolished. And as you know they are being demolished at an alarmingly fast rate. We unashamedly don’t want our suburb to become like so many others – full of ill-designed townhouses and McMansions, built without regard for the neighbourhood character of the suburb.

Thank you so much for your continued positive comments and support,
Beaumaris Modern