There’s still time to save the Abrahams House

We may not be able to stop the imminent destruction in Mariemont Avenue (see our previous post) and it will be a sore loss. But we hope it can be a catalyst for change.

We could possibly still save the Abrahams House at 372 Beach Road, which was designed by Arthur Russell of Demaine, Russell, Trundle, Armstrong & Orton. Ailsa Trundle was one of Australia’s first female architects to become partner in an architectural firm. Built in 1965, this home has many original, important features and was built to maximise its position on the land. It is one of very few original mid-century homes left on Beach Road.


The block has previously been sub-divided, yet the current developer has submitted a planning application to Council to replace the house with two townhouses that will barely fit on the piece of land and remove existing VPO protected trees. The proposed development will have a dangerous driveway on a blind corner of a very busy road.

So if you feel as strongly as we do, please submit an objection to the planning application – reference number 5/2018/163/1. Complete the objection form online.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Beaumaris Modern committee.